Australia’s MedTech landscape as a global investment opportunity


Australia has made a name for itself on the global MedTech and life sciences stage, leading the development of life-changing innovations including the electronic pacemaker, ultrasound, bionic ear, and clinical usage of penicillin.

Now, within Australia’s health ecosystem, Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, has emerged as a city alive with opportunity as it moves the dial on global MedTech innovation.


Brisbane: ripe for investment 

With a $239 billion economy anticipated by 2041 and as the largest healthcare precinct in the southern hemisphere, Brisbane truly is ripe for global investment in MedTech.

As the largest healthcare precinct in the southern hemisphere, Brisbane is home to some of the brightest minds, leading health and research institutes, and world-class innovation emerging from global organisations headquartered in Brisbane and early-stage ventures alike.

Our health institutes are incubators for ground-breaking innovations, but as the companies driving these innovations make progress, significant capital investment becomes a vital component to see these advancements succeed and fulfil patient needs on a global scale. 

As such, the economic and investment opportunity in Brisbane is reaching a critical mass.

For global investors, the Brisbane opportunity is supported by Australia’s globally competitive refundable tax offset for research and development. Our health system is also deemed one of the best in the world, with the combination of Australia’s public and private health coverage ensuring all Australians have access to a base level of cover regardless of their financial position or employment status.

Brisbane as a MedTech innovation hub 

Brisbane’s success in biotech and health is underpinned by the city’s state of the art health facilities, its connected hospital network, universities and top tier talent. We are home to Australia’s Best University (AFR tertiary rankings 2023), The University of Queensland, and Australia’s largest research facility, the Translational Research Institute.

Brisbane has developed and exported several world firsts, including the revolutionary cancer vaccine Gardasil. It is also home to MedTech pioneers advancing a new frontier in healthcare, such as: 

  • Vaxxas – commercialising needle-free vaccination technology to enhance existing and next-generation vaccine performance 
  • Microba – driving the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for major chronic diseases and delivering gut microbiome testing services globally to researchers, clinicians, and consumers. 
  • BiVACOR – on the cusp of human trials for the use of artificial hearts 

This innovation positions Brisbane in the driver’s seat to solve global human and health challenges, and as a shining investment opportunity for global investors looking to the future of MedTech. Beyond financial return, Brisbane’s MedTech landscape also represents an impact investing opportunity, to progress health and scientific advancements which can improve quality of life and patient care. 

Proximity to global markets 

Brisbane is recognised as a global city, with strong connectivity to domestic and international business destinations. Just eight hours from two-thirds of the world’s population, Brisbane is the closest eastern seaboard capital to Australia’s three largest export markets – China, Japan and Korea.

To capitalise on this connectivity, Brisbane has bolstered its infrastructure to support trade via air and sea. As the closest Australian port to the world’s largest Asian markets, Port of Brisbane facilitates $55 billion in trade exports each year.

Our airport, which operates around the clock, is deemed the best-connected domestic airport in Australia, with direct connections to 53 domestic and 23 international destinations. The airport’s twin runway enables the highest aviation capacity in Australia, and we expect to support more than 50 million passengers a year by 2040. This will put Brisbane Airport’s operation on par with major Asian hubs, positioning our city as an attractive logistical and supply chain prospect for brands worldwide (DFAT, 2021).

Broader Brisbane opportunity 

Brisbane is known for an agility and tenacity to get things done and a unique commercial culture focused on genuine collaboration. With government stability at all levels, and Australia's largest local council at the helm, Brisbane offers a consistent, low sovereign risk business environment, with a strong legal and regulatory framework.

Brisbane is also a global logistics hub, at the centre of Queensland’s economic corridor for trade, with a 24/7 airport and road and rail connectivity to get freight to the city from the surrounding regions. Vaxxas is one MedTech leader who will take advantage of this, with hopes to export millions of vaccines around the world once approved. 

Already, Brisbane is well placed to do business across the world, with access to 15 free trade agreements including with the USA, China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. These agreements provide direct access to Australia's largest trading partners, incentivise strong business ties, and foster investment opportunities.

How BEDA can help  

The Brisbane Economic Development Agency is here to support investors take advantage of the economic opportunities in Brisbane. This city has a thriving and sustainable economic growth trajectory, and the city’s MedTech sector will play a key role in this growth well into the future. 

BEDA can provide businesses and prospective investors with: 

  • key insights into Brisbane’s MedTech industry 
  • help to develop and execute your investment strategy 
  • advocacy for local and state developmental approvals 
  • critical introductions to industry stakeholders and our local advisory network 
  • confidential assistance with market and off-market property site selection 

BEDA also works with some of the most promising emerging MedTech start-ups through its MedTech Initiative: Global Accelerator, delivered in partnership with US-based investment facilitator Life Science Nation. The program holds a focus on supporting innovators to fast-track connections with international partners for collaboration, investment and distribution deals. 

Get in touch with us to discuss the global investment opportunities available in Brisbane, the heart of Australia’s thriving MedTech ecosystem. 

Scientist at Vaxxass Brisbane