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MedTech is emerging as an important growth industry for Brisbane. Our state-of-the-art health institutes and research facilities have been an incubator for world-class innovations with the potential to improve patient outcomes and save lives. The MedTech Initiative is about supporting the scale of our local leaders to take their success to the next level.

TRI Scientists holding up medical research equipment

MedTech in Brisbane video

Brisbane's health industry is a key contributor to the city's growth, generating $16.1 billion each year.

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MedTech Global Accelerator

The expert-led Global Accelerator Program will support ten early-stage ventures to build their global capability.

Medtech Cohort 2023

Global MedTech Cohorts

The MedTech cohorts with an opportunity to pitch to international investors at conferences in the US.

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For Investors

Brisbane offers the perfect opportunity for global investment. Find out more.

Important Disclaimer: Selection for participation in the MedTech Accelerator Program (the Program) does not amount to any representation or endorsement, either direct or indirect, by Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) or any of its officers, employees or contractors, of any intellectual property, technology, product, service or offering provided or developed, or proposed to be provided or developed, by any participant in the Program.  No participant in the Program, will, directly or indirectly, state or imply that participation in the Program is an endorsement by BEDA.