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How we can help

Major Events Funding

Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) is the city’s economic development agency, with a mission to identify and deliver the highest impact economic growth initiatives that will create employment opportunities and raise living standards for the people of Brisbane.

BEDA leads the city’s Major Events Strategy and works closely with partners across Government and industry to support, attract, develop, promote, and leverage major events that can achieve the following outcomes:

01. Attract out of region visitors to Brisbane, including intrastate, interstate, and overseas

02. Contribute to the local economy, including engaging with local businesses

03. Showcase and promote Brisbane nationally and internationally

04. Positively engage Brisbane locals to generate social and community impact

05. Align to Brisbane’s brand

BEDA typically channels its support towards generating additional value to further the objectives above, rather than contribute to the core costs of running an event.


In addition to the objectives above, several other factors will be considered with each opportunity, including, but not limited to:

01. Time of year – Does the event take place at a busy or peak time of year for Brisbane?

02. Purpose of support – What support are you seeking and what will the support be used for?

03. Community and social legacy – How do you plan to engage the community and create a legacy from the event?

04. Sustainability – How do you plan to optimise the sustainability of your event?

05. Potential for growth – How do you plan to grow the event if it is recurring?

06. Brisbane’s profile - How will your event showcase Brisbane as a destination? How will your event enhance Brisbane’s ability to attract and develop future major events?

07. Infrastructure use – How does your event utilise and maximise event venues?

Our approach

Major events are encouraged to consider the objectives above before applying for support. If you believe your major event strongly aligns, register your interest via the form below as the first step in the application process.

BEDA has a robust set of metrics and assessment framework that enables it to assess each opportunity consistently to identify where its investment will deliver the strongest return.

For more information, get in touch with our team.

Alternative Support

Not all major events will receive financial support from BEDA, however, there are resources available for event organisers to access free of charge to help plan your event and create a memorable event experience for your attendees.

Events are also encouraged to explore alternative funding sources through the following avenues:

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Major events toolkit
Our toolkit features a variety of helpful resources to attract more participants & spectators and enhance the event experience..
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Brisbane's Major Event Calendar
Browse Brisbane's upcoming major event calendar and get in contact to find out how we can help elevate your next event.