Aerial of Brisbane city skyscrapers at night time
Brisbane is

Alive with Opportunity

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing capital cities, Brisbane has unstoppable momentum and is embracing opportunity.

Brisbane is rapidly evolving, undergoing major transformation and revival, from precincts, to public transport, to infrastructure and new asset development, with more than $25 billion infrastructure pipeline and $239 billion economy anticipated by 2041.

Developments at the Port of Brisbane and the Brisbane Airport have increased the capacity for logistics growth, ushering in 24/7 operations to connect the city to the world.

The city’s proximity to key Asian export markets, its population growth, and a predicted employment boom over the coming decade will transform Brisbane’s industry strengths across a range of sectors.

Brisbane’s liveability, affordability, accessibility, and ease, coupled with friendly and welcoming locals, make our city a unique global destination to visit, live, work and invest.

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