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Brisbane is a city that’s alive with opportunities – and there’s room for your business to be part of the city’s evolution.

Brisbane is being supercharged by Australia’s highest levels of interstate migration, with population growth set to soar by 43% by 2041.  

It’s no surprise the rest of the country has its eyes on Brisbane – as well as clear blue skies, a subtropical climate and a quality of life unmatched by other cities, Brisbane has a $14 billion pipeline of city-shaping infrastructure projects underway, and is set to surge to a $239 billion economy by 2041.  

With a 24/7 airport that boasts the largest runway capacity in Australia, and one of the fastest growing multi-cargo ports in the country, the Brisbane region is at the forefront of Australia’s trade story.  

If you’re thinking about expanding your business into this thriving global hub, then BEDA – the Brisbane Economic Development Agency – can help.  

BEDA can serve as your liaison point with government, supporting your business with advocacy for local and state developmental approvals and providing information on the legislative requirements you’ll need to be aware of.  

BEDA can also provide insights into Brisbane industries, and help to develop and execute your business case and investment strategies, as well as providing information on the incentives and grants that might be applicable to your industry.  

If you’re looking for the perfect Brisbane location, BEDA can provide confidential assistance with market and off-market property site selection.  

And if you want to get connected – fast – then BEDA can provide you with critical introductions to our local advisory network and industry stakeholders.  

Contact BEDA to learn more about we can help you expand into a city with unstoppable momentum.  

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Grow your business
Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, and the Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) can help make sure your business grows with it.
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Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) are a dedicated city economic development board focussed on delivering results for Brisbane businesses.
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