Two Vaxxas Scientists in Brisbane


Brisbane Economic Development Agency has partnered with US-based investment facilitator Life Science Nation (LSN) to help connect these local MedTech companies with global partners for capital, joint product collaboration and licensing distribution opportunities.

The cohorts will have the opportunity to pitch to international investors at the Redefining Early-Stage Investments (RESI) Conference during JP Morgan Health Week in San Francisco, USA.  

The 2023 inaugural MedTech Accelerator cohort

Business Medical Technology Innovation
Canaria Technologies Has produced a wearable device to monitor cognitive fatigue and heat stress which accounts for two thirds of all industrial accidents in Australia. 
Clinials An artificial intelligence clinical trial participant recruitment platform.
De Motu Cordis Is developing adrenaline-based technologies for the emergency medicine market.
Eevi Manufactures personal medical alarms to help elderly people call for emergency care, while living independently.
Field Orthopaedics Has designed orthopaedic implants such as the Microscrew and Nx Nail to repair complex fractures of the hand.
Laronix Has developed a bionic voice box for people who have lost their voice after having their larynx removed. 
Max Kelsen Uses machine learning to improve research efficacy by automating time-consuming manual tasks.
Microbio Has developed a test to identify pathogens that cause sepsis, a life-threatening complication that claims the lives of 8,700 Australians every year.
Midnight Health A digital health platform to help patients access telehealth consultations, prescriptions, treatments, and other services.
TickerCardiology A platform to improve diagnostic cardiology services using cloud-based technology.
TRI Scientists in Brisbane