Two Vaxxas Scientists in Brisbane


Brisbane Economic Development Agency has partnered with US-based investment facilitator Life Science Nation (LSN) to help connect these local MedTech companies with global partners for capital, joint product collaboration and licensing distribution opportunities.

The cohorts will have the opportunity to pitch to international investors at the Redefining Early-Stage Investments (RESI) Conference during JP Morgan Health Week in San Francisco, USA.
The 2024 year 2 MedTech Global Accelerator Cohort
2024 MedTech Accelerator cohort
11 businesses joined the second-year of the successful MedTech Global Accelerator program, to fast track their connections with international partners.
Brisbane Medtech Global Cohort
2023 MedTech Accelerator cohort
Discover some of the life-saving innovations that could be fast-tracked to the global market through the inaugural MedTech global Accelerator.
TRI Scientists in Brisbane