Skyscarpers and cranes line the sky in Brisbane City in the early evening

Property & construction

Construction is a major contributor to Brisbane’s economic growth, responsible for $27 billion in output in 2020/21. A more than $25 billion infrastructure pipeline and unprecedented population growth is propelling Brisbane’s fast-growing PropTech, green building technology and material innovation ecosystem.

The construction sector has been one of the driving forces behind Brisbane’s unstoppable upward trajectory, with the industry responsible for $27 billion in output in 2020/21. Brisbane’s unprecedented population growth is driving demand for housing and propelling the city rapidly rising property technology, which is poised to revolutionise and reshape how humans design, construct, transact and interact with the built environment sustainably.

With 40% of PropTech start-ups being founded in Brisbane’s home state of Queensland, there is a significant opportunity for Brisbane to attract capital and support the growth of this technology sector.

Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) supports property and construction businesses by providing local innovations pathways to strategic partnerships, giving Brisbane companies a competitive advantage over its national counterparts.

Brisbane is also a leader in material innovation. With a focus on the circular economy, businesses like Sims Resource Renewal – which aims to build several resource renewal facilities globally by 2030 – are strengthening Brisbane’s green economy. These facilities will re-use the material, known as ASR, left over from recycling old goods such as cars, trolleys and home electrical appliances that currently go to landfill, offering a sustainable alternative.

The property and construction industry is changing – and Brisbane is at the forefront of its evolution.

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