Why Brisbane?

With strong economic and population growth, world-class education and talent, and connectivity with the Asia Pacific – Brisbane is a city alive with opportunity.

State of the City
Health Ecosystem_Stryker

Health Ecosystem

36% real growth forecast (2021-2031)

Brisbane's health sector is one of the fastest growing in Australia, driven by a powerful ecosystem. 

Building economy_Wee Hur Australia
Wee Hur

Building Economy

41% real growth forecast (2021-2031)

Rapid population growth, coupled with unique market characteristics, is set to supercharge Brisbane's property and construction sector.

Transport and Logistics_Amazon

Transport and Logistics

43% real growth forecast (2021-2031)

Powered by Australia's most efficient freight network, Brisbane's transport and logistics sector is fuelling the city's growth.

Advanced manufacturing_Australian Droid and Robot
Australian Droid and Robot

Advanced Manufacturing

29% real growth forecast (2021-2031)

A supportive environment and close proximity to trading partners has created an industry that's competing against the best - and winning.

Knowledge Economy_The University of Queensland
The University of Queensland

Knowledge Economy

50% real growth forecast (2021-2031)

Brisbane's thriving business services sector has the highest growth of any major Australian city. These services are a catalyst for a growing knowledge economy.

experience economy_Queen's Wharf
Queen's Wharf

Experience Economy

41% real growth forecast (2021-2031)

Brisbane's tourism, arts, entertainment, and events rebounded strongly after COVID and will be propelled by a range of powerful growth drivers. 

The Brisbane skyline at sunset.